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Charles Ward Photography is one of the most versatile and innovative photographic studios in Northamptonshire. As a commercial photographer for over 30 years, Charles and his team been fortunate enough to work with a whole range of clients, from leading blue chip brands to small and medium-sized local companies in all kinds of sectors to private individuals. And we’d like to work with you.



We have a saying 'Yes, we have the technology, but we also have the talent', meaning you can have the best cameras and lenses in the world, but cameras don't take pictures - people do. 

 The new Phase One XF camera fitted with the Kenyon Gyro for aerial photography.

The new Phase One XF camera fitted with the Kenyon Gyro for aerial photography.

Having said all of this, it does help to have good kit and we have always invested in the best photographic equipment to ensure we deliver you the best quality photographic images:

Our brand new Phase One XF Camera & IQ100 digital back (shown on the left) has 100 million pixels and a full range of medium format lenses, taking digital image quality to a whole new level. In our opinion, it's now better than a 5x4 transparency. (For those of you who are too young to remember film, a sheet of 5"x 4" inch and 10"x 8"transparency film represented the ultimate image quality)      

We select the camera for the type of work required and we would tend to recommend the Phase One for studio work or on location if the camera can me mounted to a tripod for extra stability. If you require Sports, PR or event style photography, then we will always recommend our Canon 1DX shown below.

 Art Director using the overlay feature in live view.

Art Director using the overlay feature in live view.

We have also introduced our clients to the concept of live view assist via the Phase One XF and their Capture One software. Without getting too technical, this camera can also shoot video, but we use the video option to display a live picture of the studio set, in this case food, for our client to see exactly what needed adjusting before we took the photograph. But that's not all - Capture One also has a really clever overlay function, whereby we can take a copy of the agency's artwork (maybe a page for a menu) and then superimpose it over the live image.

 Example of our XF 100 resolution. Please click to download original.

Example of our XF 100 resolution. Please click to download original.

One of the benefits of using the Phase One is that we can now crop your image to any shape without any discernable loss of quality. Should you need a portrait crop from a landscape image, this will not be a problem. If you require a panoramic image from an aerial photograph, this can be performed to produce an exciting new look. 

Please download the example of Silverstone Circuit on the left that was taken at this year's British Grand Prix and you will see that we have indeed made a very wide crop without any loss of quality. You can still read 'Race Control' on the building in the far distance. 

The iconic Canon 1dx Mk2 Camera and full range of prime and zoom lenses. A real workhorse, that can be used for all aspects of photography, especially sports and PR photography. We have been using Canon cameras for 30 years and have found them to be incredibly versatile and reliable. The 1DX may only have an 18mp sensor, but the quality is superb and can shoot at an astonishing 12 frames per second - no wonder the critics call it the world's top professional SLR and it's why 75% of the photographs on this website were taken with this camera.

The most important part of any camera is the lens and Canon make some of the best lenses in the world. Our favourites have to be their wonderful primes lenses, in particular their 50mm f1.2 and 85mm f1.2, which are always the first to go into the camera bag.

Customers ask us why we don't use Nikon and the truth is that it really is down to personal preference and 'feel'. We have always loved the ergonomics of a Canon camera and that's why we use it.

The DJI drones

We are CAA approved and licensed to use a number of drones for both stills and motion work and have the Inspire 1 and 2 models carrying micro 4/3rds cameras and the compact Mavic for both exterior and interior shots. To find out more, please visit our drone page.

 Our DJI drones: Left - The Inspire 2 Right - The Mavic Pro

Our DJI drones: Left - The Inspire 2 Right - The Mavic Pro

The Ricoh GR

Every Pro photographer takes a second camera on a shoot, but it's also useful to have a compact camera in your pocket for those photo opportunities that happen too quickly for an SLR. With its wide 28mm lens and the ability to shoot in raw, we love this little camera and take it everywhere with us.