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Charles Ward Photography is one of the most versatile and innovative photographic studios in Northamptonshire. As a commercial photographer for over 30 years, Charles and his team been fortunate enough to work with a whole range of clients, from leading blue chip brands to small and medium-sized local companies in all kinds of sectors to private individuals. And we’d like to work with you.

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Most of the photographs displayed on my personal pages were taken with my Ricoh GR. Over the years, I have tried a number of compact cameras, but I have found the GR to be perfect because of it's size and it's wonderful 28mm lens. As the saying goes: 'the best camera is the one you have with you', so I try to carry the GR where ever I go - on a walk, a run with my friends, or on the beach in Salcombe.

Of course, taking the photograph is only one part of the process. The next stage is to 'process' the image from it's raw state, and that's where Capture One comes into it's own. I have used a number of raw conversion processors and found Adobe Lightroom to be my choice for a number of years. Lightroom is so easy to use, that you can find yourself navigating your way through the menus, without ever looking at the manual. I have always been aware on Phase One's Capture One software, but dismissed it was being difficult to learn and always found the interface a little 'tricky' compared to Lightroom.

However, around four years ago, I was photographing a car at Junction Eleven Studios and the assistant asked me why I wasn't using Capture One. 'You will find the quality of the exported image far superior' he said. So I decided to download the trial version and give it a go. Four years later, I am now a qualified Capture One professional and I wouldn't use anything else to process my photographs - be it from the Ricoh GR, or my Phase One IQ3 100mp. It does taking a little more effort to learn than Lightroom, but it's certainly worth it.