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Charles Ward Photography is one of the most versatile and innovative photographic studios in Northamptonshire. As a commercial photographer for over 30 years, Charles and his team been fortunate enough to work with a whole range of clients, from leading blue chip brands to small and medium-sized local companies in all kinds of sectors to private individuals. And we’d like to work with you.


Why everyone loves 'Live View'


We have been using the 'Live View' feature of Capture One for a number years, so I thought it worthwhile explaining exactly what benefits this feature can bring to a photoshoot.

Firstly, let me explain exactly what Live View is (hereafter referred to as LV). LV utilises the video feature on our camera to display a real time view in our image processing software - Capture One. Take a look at the screen grab below and you will see the art director's hand making a last minute adjustment within the video window. The real benefit here is that we are all seeing the adjustment happen live and thus avoids taking multiple shots before we are satisfied. This is especially important, when you consider the size of the images produced from our 100 million pixel camera!

But seeing LV is only part of the story. The really exciting additional feature is the ability to import a graphic over the top of LV, providing us all with an exact layout for the finished artwork. in practice, this means we only take a photograph that will exactly fit the aperture allowed for by the designer. Again, if you look at teh iamge above, you will see that the text wraps aroudn the image area, with teh menu copy clearly showing to the right hand side.

The image above is now awaiting the pint of beer to be added. Notice we have left exactly the right amount of room for it to be placed next to the burger and the words 'add a drink for £2 appearing in just the right spot over the lager. 

In summary, LV is a wonderful feature and we do recommend that your agency are aware of this method of working. Please ask them to send us a PNG file with any backgrounds removed teh day before the shoot and we will have everything ready. No guesswork, just perfectly alighned photographs that everyone is happy with before they leave the studio.